Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm too excited about a product!!!

No one ever told me about Lily Padz, a reusable silicone breast pad!! This thing is ingenious. Basically it stops leakage by using pressure! Which makes so much sense since half the time I'm nursing Link, I've got a finger on the opposite nipple to stop the let down. I was having a panic attach because with my dress for my brother's weddding, I absolutely can not wear a bra, and the disposable breast pads are quite obvious with their big white circles that crease! So I went online today to see about finding something to wear and Voila!! Lily Padz! I already tried them while nursing Link and they worked! And...and...are you ready for this? I'm going to sleep tonight for the first time in over six months without wearing a bra!! Sweet Jesus my shoulders are singing praises!!
On another note: You know how a few days ago Link got his first tooth? Well, the second one is making its way to the surface and OMG did that boy holler today. I had to give him some baby tylenol cuz the frozen teething ring only worked for short bursts of time. I'm praying it breaks free before we get on the plane on Saturday.
Oh, and another thing!! Maddy has been getting extreme joy out of telling on my mother, right? On Saturday, Mom watched the kids so hubby and I could go see Terminator (which was great by the way)... and as soon as we walked back in the door, I got, "OOOh, mommy guess what Nana did? She gave Lincoln a cracker and I told her not to cuz you're breastfeeding and gonna get mad, and I told her that the doctor said if it's not broken don't fix it!!" Of course, my mom feels that now that he has a tooth (literally it was one day) that he can eat food now. I had to holler at her for a minute...but it didn't matter b/c on Sunday she came over here with some hot Panera bread and while I had my back turned shoved a huge chunk of it in his mouth. Then made me chase her around the kitchen screaming, "He's going to choke on it! You're giving him food prepared by a restaurant!! Are you kidding me?!?!?" I wanted to shoot her. Of course, Link thought it was hilarious and thankfully only kept the piece at the very tip of his mouth. These new grandmothers, EESH!!!

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