Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yummy Sweet Pototoes!!

It is my goal to make all of Lincoln's
Baby food. I've made him banana porridge with fresh bananas, breast
milk and organic oatmeal. That was last week. This week I first tried
mashing his food by hand but he wasn't thrilled with the consistency.
Instead I put boiled yams, breast milk, and oatmeal in the blender and
pureed it all, Lincoln LOVED it!! It was like baby crack, I couldn't
get it in his mouth fast enough. My only concern is that he's pooping
3-4 times a day since trying it on Monday. I'm not sure if his tummy
is getting used to food or if maybe he's allergic? But he's not
complaining or in any pain...well I guess we will just have to wait
and see.

***doesn't my baby food look better than store bought?? And it taste
good too!

1 comment:

CBCD: Candian-Born Confused Desi said...

also a cost-efficient way of using milk! always knew how to save those $$, ms. e!

i also realized how awesome it must be to know that the beast milk is 100% healthy (control what you take in!) and not from a cow that's been pumped for a billion hours. :)