Monday, July 20, 2009

This Weekend...

This weekend was full of fun and festivities. On Friday I picked up my cousin and her three girls (ages 10, 2, and 5mos) for a long play date. After picking them up we went directly to the pool, but had to leave after 45 minutes because the cloud covering made it too chilly for the little ones...although Linky could care less. My little tyke loves the water! Then on Saturday, we had a my famous strawberry and banana pancakes with turkey bacon to start the day off properly. We made a quick run to Target to get a few things, and then headed back to the pool. This time we spent a good hour and a half, the sun was hot and the one foot baby pool was nice and warm. After that we dried off and had a pizza picnic in the park, followed by fun in the park, and ice cream for the walk home. On Sunday we went to the Hicksville Street Fair which was awesome. All of the kiddie rides were free, every few feet they handed out free water, they had 2 bands stages set up, and vendors galore. The kids got to make these cool beaded bracelets that change color when they need to apply sunblock (all of us mommies really loved that). We ended the weekend with a BBQ at my aunts house where we stuffed ourselves to exploding. Linky tried watermelon for the first time and his nana gave him a chicken bone to suck/chew on (West Indian thing). I dropped my cousin back to BK and took my exhausted self home!

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