Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Fun Day!!

Yes, if you can believe it my hubby was actually home yesterday and was able to spend the entire day with us. We actually looked and felt like a real family. It's so hard sometimes, cuz everytime I go out without him, I make sure I have my wedding ring on. I feel like people will look at me funny, and give that pitiful, "Oh, look another single black mother"...I'm sure they don't (or maybe). So when I get those rare moments when he's home, I can't wait for us to go out together as a family unit. You know?

Anyway, back to family fun our neighborhood our community throws this huge family day at our park/pool that's 4 blocks away. We packed up the car with 2 folding chairs, the blanket, the kids, towels, would have thought we were going on a road trip not around the corner!! They had a huge stage set up with a band playing, some of the local schools/camps did exhibition dancing/twirling, they had different posts set up for facepainting, bouncers, games, a snack tent with watermelon and lemonade (though by the time we got there there were no more cups)...they had a petting zoo and pony ride, and of course the pool. It was chilly out so we did the pool last, I put Link in the kiddie pool up to his belly button, me up to my ankles (had Aunt Flo in town), but that water was FA-REEZ-IN!! Of course, Maddy could care less, hubby and I sat side by side taking in the sites, and trying to read our books. The "Pool Lay" was aggravating us with all of her pool rules: "can't have the stroller over by the fence (it was so out of the way, y'all know me), baby has to have on pool diaper (he did), can't set up chairs over here, little girl can't wear arm floaties", hubby was about to knock her little old block off. Other parents were like, "this is all she has to control...she problably lives alone and can't wait to come out here and yell at people"! What-EVA!! When the activities were almost over we packed up the car and went to the icecream parlor (I got Red Velvet icecream - YUMMY). Once we got home, I thawed out some extra large shrimp and made some linguine with shrimp in tomato, garlic, wine sauce ....UMMMMMMM!! To end our family fun day we sat and watched one of the worst movies ever: PUSH! UGH! It was, in the words of my hubby, LAME!!!

Peep the pics below...

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