Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reading Returned My Focus...

I just finished reading The Friday Night Knitting Club, it was a good read, touching and I loved it. By the time I got to the end of the novel I was like, "Wait a minute! I haven't worked on Linky's big boy blanket in weeks!" So this week, I picked up my needles and went back to work. Now, I have about 130 stitches going across and I've lost count on what number row I'm up to. It usually hurts my feelings when I feel like I've done so much work in a night and I've only knitted say 3 additional rows LOL. I know with the clock ticking for me to go back to work, and winter steadily approaching, I'd like to have it done by his first birthday. What do you guys think? Think I have a snowball's chance?

I tried to get a shot to show how wide the 130 stitches runs from my upper torso to my feet which will definitely be wide enough to cover Linky on those chilly winter nights ;-)

And this is the crazy stitch I taught myself and the reason why this is taking soooooooo long to do. Remember this is only the 2nd thing I've ever knitted in my whole life from the one lesson granny taught me while preggars on bedrest. It sure did help pass the time for me (keep that in mind those of you trying to get pregnant, secretly pregnant, and especially my kindred mommas-to-be on bedrest). Not bad if I do say so myself!!!

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