Monday, September 21, 2009


Every day I'm in awe of how much he has grown in such a short amount of time. Lincoln is now 9 1/2 months old.

Here's a snap shot of his growth from birth to now:
  • Birth = 4lbs 12oz 18inches long
  • 2 weeks = 4lbs 13oz 18.4ins
  • 7 weeks = 6lbs 4oz 20ins
  • 3 mo 1wk = 13lbs 12oz 23ins
  • 4 mo 3wks = 15lbs 12oz 25ins
  • 6 months = 16lbs 6oz 26ins
  • 7 mo 2wks = 18lbs 26.5ins
  • 9 mo 2wks = 19lbs 4oz 27ins


He can now clap when you tell him to, he crawling like a maniac, over the weekend he's been standing on his own for a up to a minute!! He absolutely still loves singing, but now it's cheek to cheek with mommy as we dance around the house...and oh, yeah, he LOVES to dance!! Music comes on and he either starts to boogie or claps his hands in rhythm, we may just have our first musician after all!!I am thoroughly despising work! Ok, I take that back. I actually enjoy my all boy sophomore class, everything else - SUCKS! I spend the majority of my work day trying to stay awake, trying to still not get emotional thinking of everyone getting to spend time with Linky at home all day, and now not only do I not see Maddy off to school but I'm not there when she first gets home for the first time in her life!! SUCKS!! *tears*

Speaking of Maddy, she has become quite the hypochondriac! She needs medicine, band aids, vicks...for little thing! She's been to the nurses office 3 times already and this is only the 3rd week of school. Eesh!!

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Christine said...

I just LOVE the hair!!!!! He is so handsome.