Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Breastpumping Fiasco

Ok, my second biggest challenge today (first one was to stop crying - still working on that one) was to find a secure and sanitary place to pump in school. My old principal told me about a small room inside our AV room, and today my AP told me about an empty cubicle (mini office with door). Problem one: no lights working in AV room. Problem 2: she couldn't fund the key to the cubicle. So I ended up pumping in the AP's office with the door locked on the outside. I cleansed the area, sanitized my hands, put on a slide show of Linky on my phone, and got to work. I ended up spilling about half a ounce when I was done b/c I had no real counter space and the storage bag shifted in my hand. Hopefully I'll have a real place tomorrow.

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