Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Almost But Not Quite!

Linky will be a one year old toddler in exactly seven days!!! I cannot believe my little man is walking, babbling, pointing, drinking juice, eating real food (making real poos), and, well, is not my teeny tiny little thing anymore. In exactly one week my son will no longer be classified as an infant! I just want to freeze him at this size, this age, this happy go lucky, free spirited time in his life! Everything is new and excited, things that are off-limits are so enticing! I just don't want to let him go at night after he falls asleep, I could literally hold him for hours (and I have)! He's learned what "NO" means, and he does not like it at all. His pout starts in stages and we have to figure out how to get it on camera without him seeing it (he's a ham for the cam). It starts out in this mini-frown, then the eyebrow knit just a little as the bottle lip begins to pertrude, then the eyebrows get closer together, the infinitiy tear pools in one eye, and then we have full blown bottom lip pout with quiver. It is so very hard to keep a straight face when you're telling him "NO", and he makes the pouty face. He really has mastered it. If we can catch it, I promise to do a side by side comparison from when he was only a few weeks old to now. In the meantime enjoy some hair combing fun.

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