Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Red Hot Right Ear!"

These were the words uttered by Dr. G, the pediatrician, after we brought Lincoln in on Monday evening. Sunday night was horrible! Poor Linky kept getting up and screaming, he would tense his body up real tight, and bawl his little lungs out. He's been on and off with a cold ever since he started daycare, but it was truly a "baby, what's the matter? what can mommy do?" kind of night. Nothing I did worked, fed him, nursed him, sang, danced, nursed, hugged, kissed, rocked, and nursed some more! All in all I think I got 3 hours of sleep that night. Thank heavens Lolo slept over that night so Linky didn't have to go to daycare, and that evening we took him to the pediatrician. We basically told him that Linky's been crying a lot which even the doctor knew was uncharacteristic, that he had a fever here and there but they were low grade (nothing above 102), and I noticed while nursing he'd fiddle with his ear (more than usual since he does do it as a comforting mechanism). Dr. G agreed that he was definitely congested, and when he looked in the left ear it was, "Great, all clear...but you did mention him 'fiddling' with his ear so let me check...Oh, we've got ourselves a red hot right ear infection!" My poor baby! His first ear infection on his 11 months! Damn Daycare! We're still on our quest to find a nanny and keep him home for at least one more year...hope we get lucky soon because these colds are for the birds! Linky was cold free even after being a premie born in the winter, but now he's only in daycare 2 1/2 weeks and is on his 2nd cold and an ear infection! Hmph!!
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