Monday, January 4, 2010

Holidays and what not!

I'm still waiting for pictures from Linky's birthday, remember I was without camera, ok? But thanks to hubby I shant miss another photo op with the kiddies! So much has happened in a months time! Not only is Lincoln walking but he's running and falling now too!! Over the holiday break he busted his forehead on a Saturday and then proceeded to bust his top lip on Sunday and bottom lip on Monday. I never had to deal with that sort of thing with Maddy, and I just keep hearing that it's a "boy thing". Well, let me tell you about this boy!! He has gotten 3 incident reports at daycare for biting, and when I talked to the daycare about it, they say they understand that he's teething and he's still a baby, but that they will have to "high chair" him when they can't watch him. Um, how bout just fricken watching him?! When I asked the Dr. G (pediatrician) merely for validation he told me that the responsibility lies with the daycare. They have to watch him and catch him before he bites, because as a baby he's learning behaviors. Dr. G gave the best analogy, "It's like trying to teach a kid not to run into the street and telling them after they've been hit by a car - doesn't work!" See, why I love him? I approached the teacher again and explicitly told them that I do not want him banashed to the highchair just because they can't watch him or as "punishment" for biting. I mean, really!

Linky has also learned to say "Op it!" (Stop), "buh buh" (balloon), "Tan tu" (thank you). I'm working really hard with him on the please and thank you, hi and bye, but of course he has mastered "Oh, no, no, no" with the matching shaking of the head! Too funny to watch. Plus, his pout is Oscar worthy. Everytime I try to get it on film he all of a sudden livens up. It's so hard not to laugh at him when his lip is almost to his navel!!

As for Miss Maddy, she's trying out for NYSSMA (The New York State Music Association), I wasn't really excited about it until coincidentally one of my high school students mentioned it to me while programming and explained that it is quite a big deal! Maddy has until Friday to decide what she will do for her solo, her obvious choice (for any family that's reading this) is Ode To Joy, which she has played at every family event over the past 5 months or Baa Baa Blacksheep which she is teaching herself now. She's gotten quite good at it, and I told her the only way I'd let her audition is if she really practices for 30 minutes every day during the school week. So we'll see how things go with that!!

Here are some holiday pics of the fam!!

Now he's ready for the superbowl!

Remember Easy Bake Oven??

All the toys in the world and all he wanted to play with were his sister's Playdoh!

Of course he got mad when his sister took them away!

And the blow out shot with Daddy!

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Christine said...

OH - I am so far behind, I missed his birthday! Happy birthday Linc!!!! He is getting so big and is so handsome!