Thursday, February 25, 2010

Been a Long Time!

My number one fan, aka boss lady, just reminded me that it's been a while since I updated this here blog! So much has been going on! Whew, where does one start?

I guess let's start with the rough stuff first. I had a procedure done a few weeks ago, cryablasion, to help with my monster monthlies. It caused me some discomfort and grief for about 2 weeks, and now it's a waiting game to see if it will actually help me. Keeping the fingers crossed.

Then I lost two students (one graduate, one sophomore) to a murder-suicide, it has been really depressing at work and at rest because I still don't understand while looking at my children how anyone could kill theirs...especially as they sleep. Children are their most precious and innocent when they're sleeping. (Sidebar: do you know that since Maddy was a baby, if I say, "Mommy loves you" while she's sleeping, she mumbles back, "I love you too" - she's 9!!) See, PRECIOUS!

Plus, we've had all this horrific snow in NY, as you saw from my previous picture post, and would you believe it's fricken snowing again today. It took me an hour and a half to get home today (normally takes me 25-30 minutes). The roads were terrible, cars were slipping and sliding every where, and the snow was coming down in such huge chunks that cars had to keep pulling over to clean their windshield wipers.

The last thing that's been plaguing my brain is this overwhelming waistline of mine! I'm breaking weight records like I've never seen before and it is depressing the hell out of me. I now have not one, but two levels of back fat!! EEEWEE! Never in my life have I ever had so much pinchable, grabable, squeezable fat! And who do you think rubs this fact in my face every time I see them (which is almost every other day)? My mother!! Love her to death but I want to scream everytime she mentions how big my thighs or my behind has gotten. Really? No kidding! The weight was coming on so fast that I initially thought it was my thyroid, but my doctor says it's just fine and that yes, it's me that is simply overweight all by myself. Of course, friends say that I look just fine, but technically for my height, I am overweight by 12 pounds. I've become accustomed to rocking leggings and oversized sweaters (thank God they're in style right!) Now that the recovery is done from the procedure and I'm feeling sort-of like myself, I'm back in the gym. And it is wearing me out. I'm also on my 4th day of not eating past 8pm! I am such a foodie that my late night snacking has me feinding like a crackhead. Around 9:30 every night I can swear my kitchen is calling my name!! Alas, I have a bridesmaid's dress to squeeze in to, not to mention this will be our 5th year wedding anniversary and we're hoping and praying we'll be able to go somewhere with white sandy beaches to renew our vows.

So that's the yucky stuff that's kept me preoccupied and away from blogging. On a happier note, Lincoln started a new daycare (neighbor's rave recommendation) and on day four he's doing great. Denise (the daycare owner/operator) is so excited by his eating habits. We all know my son loves food! Everything is "AHM" his way of asking for some any time he sees food or anything that can be mistaken for food. He's finally found his inner-giggle and I absolutely love it! And he's taken to giving super huge hugs and kisses now, he even pats your back when he hugs you! He's almost stopped biting and has now resorted to pinching, great! I've taught him to wash his hands, except now if there is no water readily available he'll either spit in his hands to wash them or dip them in the dog's water dish. He is so proud when he "washes" his hands all by himself. I'm also trying to teach him to recognize when he has a BM by saying, "doodoo", well, who told me to teach him that. Every chance he gets he's patting between his legs proudly proclaiming, "Doodoo!" Oddly, he's about right half the time, and I make a big production letting him know he was right. Hopefully, he'll get it.

As for Miss Maddy... I think I mentioned last time that she will be competing in NYSSMA next month and we're very excited about that. I have her practicing her cello every day for 30 minutes and she has an 8 week private cello tutor to help her prepare for the competition. She's getting really really good! I am so impressed with the fact that she can read music and teach herself songs from her music book. The funniest song she practices is "We Will Rock You", because her part (without the accompanying musicians) just sounds like the theme from Jaws! It is too funny listening to her play that Da Da, Da Da, Da Da!!

I'm going to try to be a little more frequent with the blogging...but no promises! ;-p
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