Sunday, March 14, 2010

Maddy and her NYSSMA

As you all know, Maddy has her NYSSMA competition this Wednesday. I'm not quite sure if she's excited "yet". I found out some more details, as I was getting ready to send out this mass invitation for everyone to hear her play, it turns out that it's just her and an adjudicator in a room alone. She goes in, plays, and leaves. That's it! Silly me, I thought this was all done in front of an audience with a bunch of judges and a tally at the end to see who wins.

I have to prep her not to do the "maddything", you know where she cries for the first 5 minutes about how scared and nervous she is, then she plays and hits it out of the park? She did it for mom's retirement and she did it for my "Oh, Snap!" show. Mind you, it's always her idea to play, I'm not one of those performance moms that make it mandatory for her to play every where! If she has to do it alone she's a wreck at first, but if she's with her entire orchestra, she's fine. Or if she has her cousin dance along side her, she's fine...but let the spotlight be all on her, not so fine!

Also, after taking Cello lessons for the past 4 weeks to prepare for the competition, her tutor did me a huge favor (total sarcasm) by telling her that if her arm should start to hurt when she's practicing that she should take a break. Mind you, prior to this I had her practice for 30 minutes a day during the week with no problems, now? After 10 minutes, she's hollering, "I'm taking a break, the tutor told me I could, cuz my bow arm is hurting!" Damn, tutor! The compromise? 20 minutes practice, 20 minute break, 15 minute practice. So far this seems to placate her a bit. But I have to say, she is getting pretty damn good at it, and I'm going to have to "convince" her to keep it going through junior high next year...cuz that's a scholarship later on down the road - hindsight people, hindsight!!

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Debbie(single;complicated) said...

I hope her competition goes great and all the practicing plays off.:)

Chocolate Mom aka Blupoetres said...

Thanks Debbie!! She's a sneaky one, I just realized that she never went back after her 20 minute break! LOL