Monday, March 8, 2010

Reverse Comfort...

Funny story: one of the uber sweet things that Lincoln does these days
is when he first wakes up he gives a big hug and he either rubs or
pats your back (or both). Well, now if he cries, I mean his big cries
for falling down, tripping, bumping into something, while we try to
comfort him to stop crying he's patting us on the back or rubbing our
back. It is too funny for words.

Of course, tonight when i'm trying to get to the gym he doesn't want
to go to sleep. Mind you, his eyes are closed as he puts a hand down
my shirt and gets me to kiss his hand. Just fighting the same sleep
that had him falling asleep in the middle of dinner.

Though he wants nothing more to do with nursing he does seem to be
soothed my placing his hand between my boobs. Maddy never did that so
I don't know if it's a boy thing or because I nursed him longer or
what. I just know if you're a woman and you hold Lincoln for any
period of time be forewarned that at some point he may stick his hands
down your blouse. Cute now, not so much at 15!! Trying to break the
habit as quickly as possible.

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