Thursday, April 15, 2010

Poor Linky-Poo

What started out looking like one or two mosquito bites turned into huge red swollen splotches all over Linky's face. We got no sleep last night as he tossed and turned trying to scratch (I put socks on his hands), he had a very low grade fever of 99. At 3:30 he woke up hungry, and I gave him a little milk - bad idea, he spent the next hour throwing it up in our bed, on the floor, on himself, and then had fun painting with it on the wall. After speaking to not 1 but 2 oncall doctors at the hospital, they assured me that it sounded like a viral infection and to just take him to his doctor in the morning. Especially since he didn't have a fever over 103, wasn't cranky, didn't have any difficulty breathing, and his lips were not purple or swollen. In the morning, I tried to give a few sips of juice, which he clearly wanted, but he threw that up as well. He took two crackers and was content with that. He fell back to sleep right before having to go to the doctor, who saw us right away, hubby caught us before we hit the end of the block. His doctor checked his vitals and all was clear (chest, lungs, ears, throat) despite the croup cough and rash. He couldn't definitively tell us whether it was an allergic reaction or a viral infection though. Which is annoying to say the least. He gave us a liquid steroid medicine to give Linc twice a day for the next 3 days, and we're to call him Sat. morning with an update. The pics up top are of him at 11pm, 3:30am, 8am, and then the last one was this afternoon after his first dose had time to settle in. The doctor warned us that the rash may get deceivingly better and then get ten times worse before it has run its course. This has already been proven because his face although now it looks like he has purple bruises on his face the swelling went down, but now his arms are swollen and sensitive to the touch.
I tell you having a sick baby sucks like nothing else in this world!! I have to weigh some pretty heavy options for work tomorrow and the big bachelorette party I'm supposed to be going to this weekend in CT.
I'm already at -20 days at work. My boss told me not to worry because it's all a part of being a mommy. I feel that with hubby home this weekend and mom merely a phone call away, I should be ok to go to CT, which makes me want to stay home with him tomorrow just to make sure for myself that he really will be ok without me.
I feel like crying.


Jen said...

Sounds like you have a pretty good boss! :) Mine was always so understanding when I missed so much just trying to get prego! We are getting ready next month to do an FET cycle! We only have ONE frozen blast, and the doc informed us that the chances are around 30%. We are keeping the faith, but planning to start over again if necessary.

Thanks for the sweet words about my pigtail attempt! :) I've been attempting a regular ponytail for a little while now, and she just wails and moans when I mess with her hair. One day in my class, the topic somehow turned to hair. One of the black girls in my class asked me if I had to wash, dry and flat-iron my hair everyday...which I do. :) She said she felt sorry for me! ha! Then I was telling them about Caroline's fits over a single ponytail. She then told me about how much of an ordeal it was for her baby sister to get HER hair done...I don't know how her momma does it! ;) I asked her if she ever slipped her some baby Tylenol!

Funny the things about ourselves that we take for granted and don't ever really talk about. That's what I love about my students...our school is so diverse (black, white, Hispanic, Asian) that nobody ever really gets offended when other kids ask those kinds of questions. They are just naturally open with each other about all kinds of things. :)
Pretty cool.

Here's to the downward slide of the school year! Hope we can make it!! :)

Momma Z said...

I hope the little guy is doing better. I've been lucky that B hasn't gotten anything too bad.

K. Rock said...

Hope your baby is better. Stay strong.

Chocolate Mom aka Blupoetres said...

Thanks Momma Z and K. Rock!

His skin is looking much better!