Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Madison Graduates Today...(Updated with Graduation Pics)

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It absolutely boggles my mind that my daughter is moving up to Middle School today at 9:30am. At 10 years old she will be leaving behind her cutesy baby years and gearing up to embrace adolescence or dare I say, "PRE-TEENdom". It wasn't that long ago that she was saying, "Mom, I don't understand my homework, can you help me", to now when she shrieks, "You don't have to help me, I can get a few wrong sometimes!"

Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday she was as little as Lincoln and full of hugs and kisses and "Owies". Now she's trying to lock bathroom doors and write secret notes. I'm just not ready for what's to come. Can't I just freeze her here now? Where she's just sprouting that "tude" that's not too lethal yet. Where she still wants to cuddle on the weekends and watch movies together. Even pushing her brother out of the way to kiss me when I come in from work will soon change to, "Oh, I didn't know you were home."

I've heard the stories, I see the changes that happen by the time they reach high school. I can only pray that the village that I've had helping to raise this first born child of mine has created such a foundation that...well...those stories won't be mine to tell in a few years. As much as she can drive me crazy, she is my mini-me without a doubt, and I love her through and through as only a mommy can. I'm scared but excited to see what new things Middle School will bring. I'm looking forward to watching her mature to the next level.

Congratulations, my darling daughter! Mommy loves you, for now and forever!

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NewMommy2B said...

Congrats Maddy!!!