Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Maddy Story #342

This Sunday my aunt offered to watch the kids for me while hubby and I attended my BFFLs wedding (mom went to visit bro). I went to pick them up early so aunty could go to work because the running joke is my uncle "don't know nothing bout birthin no babies!"

As I'm waking Linky up to get him fed and changed she tells me how the evening went. The usual: Linky played football with Uncle, Maddy packed a box of Mac-N-Cheese because she didn't think aunty had any to make (which aunty thought was cute and they made it together), Linky fought sleep, Maddy had to be warned only one time for saying, "I'm bored" know the usual kiddie sleepover stuff.

She pauses and says, "I soooooo wanted to give you a great report until this morning". Now you all know that I give Maddy "the talk" before she goes anywhere and it usually begins with: "Don't embarrass me!"

As she begins to tell me what happened, uncle walks by just shaking his head, I'm thinking, "Oh, lord, now what?"

Apparently, right before going to bed the night before Maddy asked for hot chocolate (this is my mother's doing), and aunty said 'no' because the a/c went out downstairs and it was way too hot for hot chocolate. Then she felt bad because Maddy was soooooooooo good up until then and she decided to let her have chocolate milk instead thinking that was a nice compromise especially in the heat. Maddy went to bed afterwards with no problem...or so they thought.

Uncle wakes up in the morning as he always does to let the dog out in the backyard. When he goes to let her back in he notices her licking up something on his newly treated deck. He asks my aunt, "Hey, by any chance did you feed Linky outside last night on the deck?" When she replies no, he goes outside for a closer look, with her looking out from the door. "Maybe a raccoon got sick or something?" They speculate. And then they look really closely and realize it's Maddy's chocolate milk from the night before curdled on the deck for the night's heat.

ARE YOU SERIOUS? For two days, I had my fingers crossed that nothing bad happened to the poor 14 years old dog!! When asked what on earth possessed her to do that, you want to know what her response was? "But I wanted HOT chocolate". Any other kid would have flushed it down the toilet, poured it down the drain, maybe, maybe thrown it in the bushes, maybe! But my daughter, what does she do? She pours it on the freshly treated deck right outside the sliding dang doors!

Needless to say, I grounded her for the day, and when I told hubby, because he knew just how much work went into treating uncle's deck, he added on another day to the punishment.

Wow! I'm also now rationing out the hot chocolate that her nana seems to keep buying for her!


Ms. Understood said...

Good job mom on keeping your cool and grounding her. How old is she? I might have made her clean the deck and or walk the dog, but I'm not sure how old your daughter is. She sounds pretty young.

Chocolate Mom aka Blupoetres said...

Thanks Ms.! She's 1o going on 19!!

Ms. Understood said...

Lol!!! I'm glad I was able to help unearth a lot of people's inner fighter with this post. Thanks for the writing style compliment. I enjoy reading your posts. I wish you posted more often. How are you enjoying your summer break? Any traveling plans? (I posted and emailed this entire comment to you then sent it and then realized that there was no email attached to your comment ( and I are becoming really good friends. Lol).