Tuesday, August 17, 2010

5 Years Vs. 1 Month (actually 6 weeks but who's counting?)

Last night hubby and I had a lovely and romantic dinner with newly married BFFL and her hubby. We took full advantage of Restaurant Week and dined at One If By Land, Two If By Sea. (According to BFFL this was rated one of the top restaurants for wedding proposals and I totally understood why). Great atmosphere, delicious food, and fun company. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. We had group banter and our own separate girlie girl and guy conversations.

At one point as the men were tallying up the bill, BFFL stopped her new hubby to tell him that he had added incorrectly. Upon finding out that he was in fact right, he stuck out his check and she kissed it. She then explained that they had come up with this "cute" way for dealing with when one of them is proven wrong/right by the other. The wrongful party must kiss the one in the right on the cheek. They received the typical "Awww" from hubby and I. That's when I told them how much I enjoyed our system so much better.

"What's your system?" she asked.

"He always admits he's wrong even when he knows that he's blatantly right and I'm the one who's wrong. It's a great system!"

Hubby's response, "Yeah, not all the time, but hey, it works".

Curious to see how long that kiss on the cheek works for them. LOL


Anonymous said...

Um, yeah, I'm betting that little ritual won't make it past their first anniversary! *lmao* It's cute, eh, at some point, cute wears off. Hubby and I are celebrating 6 years in September. The first couple of years were great, but tough and some disagreements weren't friendly. I'll keep my fingers crossed that their cuteness survives!

Chocolate Mom aka Blupoetres said...

@Mrstdj - AMEN!!

Mommyhood Mayhem said...


We'd love if you'd check out our *new* blog!


Ms. Understood said...

Hey whatever works for them. Why knock it. I'm sure they'll evolve as time continues, every relationship does. Maybe what works for them will stand the test of time and him saying yes dear for everything doesn't sit well for them.