Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is She Out Of Her Flucking Mind! ***WITH UPDATE***

Gotta Vent here: (update on bottom)

Yesterday was my mother's birthday (Yay Mom!) and we (myself, hubby and the kids) took her to a fabulous restaurant, Cool Fish, for her birthday dinner. She had to have lobster and I spent a good portion of the afternoon searching for restaurants on Open Table and Urbanspoon and calling to check to see if there were any lobster specials (i.e. hello, can I get a prix fixe on some lobster please?") I made the reservation for 5pm when the restaurant opened and we got there just shy of 4:59.

The restaurant is beautiful, hidden inside some corporate building in Syosset. Anyhoo, our waitress was this overzealous, eager-to-please, over-the-top, crazy lady for a lack of a better description. The restaurant already knew that it was mom's birthday, and with that established we attempted to start ordering. (FYI - the food and cost was absolutely amazing, that wasn't the problem)

I say attempted because in the midst of us trying to order for the kids first, she fell in love with Lincoln who was coloring happily and quietly in his high chair. Now let me first say, that my son has become very weary of strangers lately, so none of us expects what unfolds next.

This crazy ass woman gets down on her knees so that she is at Lincoln's level and asks him for a kiss on the lips. WTF?!?!? But because we know Lincoln to be blatantly rude about who he gives affection to we say nothing until it's too late and he puckers up and gives her the biggest smooch on the lips! Smiling away at having done what he's asked, the three of us are rocked into this weird kind of silence that isn't broken until she's asked and he's given her 2 more!! By this time mom is trying to distract him by giving him bread, and more paper, and ice, and basically anything to get him to stop. I start fumbling through my order, and hubby has my leg in a vice grip and whispers, "Is she f----ing crazy?!" We finish haphazardly giving her our orders which she over does - half of it wrong in an effort to "hook us up for having such an adorable baby".

Then she informs us after coming back while we waited for our entrees to say that she's a mom of a 2 year old! HUH!! Then you should know better? How can you have kids and think that it's ok to kiss anybody else's child but your own, and God forbid on the mouth!! She came around after we were quietly enjoying our meal to point out her husband who had stopped by with her son and asked again that Lincoln show them "look how he loves me, can I get another kiss?" At this point all three of us in unison said, "NO!" Lincoln looked so confused and had his bottom lip out. How do you explain to a 20 month old that you can't kiss strangers, even if they ask you to? And do you know she tried 3 more times before we left, and Lincoln finally got the idea to just give her a few pounds.

The more I thought about it today, the more upset I got about it. I mean, I don't know what kind of nasty germs this woman could have on her lips. I was always taught from young, you never touch a baby or child's hands because they're always in their mouth, and you certainly don't kiss a child unless he's a member of your family or you've been given permission by the parents!

Needless to say, this has been weighing heavy on me and I left a message for the manager. I'm waiting for him to call me back. I'll let you all know how that goes...

...to be continued...

Manager called and after telling him what happened he offered dinner for hubby and I on him next week Tuesday or Wednesday when the crazy waitress will NOT be working. Plus he will have a talk with her and his entire staff about inappropriate behavior when it comes to his patrons and their children. I feel much better now!


Amanda said...

OMG! I would've freaked out....that's insane..who does that?!?!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading your blogs!

I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT WAITRESS!!!!! and you know what? I dont know if I wouldve handled it any different cause I wouldve been in shock!

Lately, we have been having those "moments of pause" with strangers with our kids and I JUST RECENTLY told Kumi (mu husband) that we have to respond quicker and forget how it looks to on-lookers...
And Maddy in the stall? That was HILARIOUS! (sorry- smile) --- I have had those stall moments with both kids without them turning around, though, and I am nervous about having that"talk"---- but I know its coming soon with her other questions about having children.........................LUV

Anonymous said...

Woooooow! I'm seriously in a state of shock. Seriously???? Where dey do that at??? What was her malfunction??? I'm such a germaphone, I might have busted out my Listerine right there and carried my son to the bathroom. *lol* So sorry to hear this. Please let us know what the manager has to say.

Shanita said...

Oh no she didn't! The nerve! I probably would have been in shock too. You hate to be rude especially when she was just being nice but I'm a nurse and it gives me the heebie jeebies because a mouth can be a nasty place!