Friday, August 27, 2010

Maddy Story #152

I was just reading Mahogany Way's blog about Her son, Her period, when I had a flashback to when Maddy was about 4 years old too. My sister was with me and it's one of the funniest and most embarrassing mom moments ever. Be ready for a little TMI on this one!

I was at a step show in Brooklyn with my sister and Maddy and I was a judge. During intermission I rushed to use the bathroom with Maddy in tow because she claimed she had to go. Of course, we get to the closet sized high school bathroom which was packed because steppers were also using it as a dressing room. Remember, that piece of info - packed!

Me: Maddy do you have to go?

Maddy: Uh, uh. You go. I don't want to anymore.

Me: Are you sure?

Maddy: Yup.

I didn't want to leave her outside the stall because it was so crowded, so I brought her in the stall with me. I had my period and needed to make a "change". I instructed Maddy to turn and face the door while I did this. Of course, she didn't listen, and this is what happened next:

Maddy: EWWW

Me: Shhhhh

Maddy: Mommy you nasty.

Me: No, Mommy's not

Maddy: Uh, huh, Mommy you doo-doo yourself. See! I see it right there on your panty!! Ewww Mommy doodoo herself!!!

Top of her frickin' lungs. The once bustling bathroom is now so eerily quiet, I know what's coming next - the laughter! Everyone in that bathroom is hysterical laughing as I try to explain to my 4yr old that "mommy has her period which is blood not doodoo and that it's not "on" mommy's panty but on a pad" that I'm now obligated to show her.

We have Period 101 in the crowded bathroom stall of Boy and Girls High School. When I walked out, a soror I didn't know put her hand on my shoulder, gave it a firm squeeze and said, "I have one too, and I'm so glad now that I left her home." I got a few more "you're not alone" before I got back to my seat.

So, Mahogany, that's when shared bathroom trips stopped for me!


Tracita Linda (Tracey) said...

That was the funniest thing, I could hear Maddy's voice in my head (or my own version of her voice) "Mommy you doo-doo yourself!" EMBARRASSING! lol
Now that I've laughed out loud I can go to bed and act like I have a job tomorrow...!!

Chocolate Mom aka Blupoetres said...

Glad you got a laugh at my expense Trace! LOL