Monday, August 2, 2010

The Jones Road Trip Diary - Day One

Traveling Mercies:
First we left NY and made our way to MD for a one day lay over. That drive took us 4 1/2 hours and Linky and Maddy slept the majority of
the way. We hung out and rested all day Friday.

On Saturday we left MD at 6am to make our to Myrtle Beach. That drive took us 8 hours. Again Maddy and Linky slept most of the way. The only time Linky fussed was when Maddy would fall asleep and stop playing with him. Hubby and I took turns driving but between his back and my foot we were a sorry bunch by the time we hit the beach.

We pretty much relaxed the rest of Saturday and got to bed nice and early at 11pm. Linky woke me up bright and early on Sunday at 7am. He was all the motivation I needed, I put on my shorts, sports bra, and t-shirt, left Linky and Maddy with Daddy, and made my way outside for an am run. It was exhilarating! The beach was wonderful, I ran/walked for 30mins. Then I picked Linky up cuz Maddy was still asleep and the two of us met up with my bestie and little Lana and we did a mommy walk.

I am soooooooo proud of myself. I have to make sure to combat the load of crap that will be consumed all week.

After that I made breakfast for the fam, and then it poured for a few
hours. Hubby took a nap and then we met up with the crew to try MagicQuest...that was a bust. It was an hour wait to get the kids in, and then another hour wait for the kids to get out. We decided to just walk around Broadway at The Beach. The kids went on 2 rides, had a slush and were content.

We headed back and had some pool time with the kids. Everyone was starving so we ordered some food. Another mistake. It took two hours for the food to be delivered and then half the orders were wrong. We sent back that half and bestie and I went to Applebees for Carside To Go.

Passed out by 11pm. All in all a good first day!!

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Ms. Understood said...

Sounds like a great vacation so far. I've never been to Myrtle Beach (and that 8 hour drive from MD doesn't make it sound at all desirable). Enjoy the rest of your Road Trip.