Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maddy Got Her Hair Did!!!

This is the before and as you can see, she is crazy hyped for the new do!!

Two hours in and she's not so excited anymore, she didn't want to talk to anybody, didn't want to laugh, no smiling...but surprisingly enough no whining!! (And y'all know for Maddy that is HUGE!!)

Pizza Break at the 3 hour mark, can you believe the smile on my sourpuss's face?! And Linky was the model baby, he took an hour nap, and only had one melt down (took him to the local park and beach he was too happy with the WA-DDDDERRR!

It took 6 1/2 hours but she is too pleased with herself! She loves it! And I love it even more, this means pool + beach = No Worries for MOM!!! Well, worth every penny!! And this will take us through till school starts. I warned her that her headtie must be on every night, we have to apply oil to her scalp every night, and put in a leave-in conditioner after every wash...her response? "I'll do anything to keep this, I look Gorgeous!" (Yeah, she's mine alright!)

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Ms. Understood said...

She looks really happy. Once the joy of the new hairdo wore off, did it hurt/get tight??