Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lido Beach Family Festival was a Bust!

Let me clarify, if I may. The kids had a good time (that's all that matters right?). I thought it was "eh". When I think of festival and fair, I think of a ton of vendors and great food! Well, there were maybe 10 vendors and 3 trucks of food. Maddy and Linky shared a Mozzerapa (you know the fried sweet cornmeal with mozzarella), and I had some sweet potato fries. The three of us split a frozen strawberry lemonade smoothie that was great. Other than that, Maddy got a really cool t-shirt that she put her own spin art on, and I'm jealous now and mad I didn't make one for myself.

Here are some pics from the day...
Maddy in her "Mom! Stop taking pictures" pose
Me rocking my Bantu Knots
(I washed, twisted and wore my knots about town all day. Even got some compliments. And then Maddy asked me to do her hair the same way. I put her under the dryer and I'm hoping we can get her to do one day knotted up before opening them up for school on Monday. This part is fun. Everyone keeps telling me that in a few months the honeymoon of the transition period will be over!)

There was this itsy bitsy petting zoo with 4 goat, 2 duck, a pig, a chicken, and these baby chicks. Again, the kids had fun, right? And it was free, right?
This was the best part! They had a 30 minute reptile show, and my braveheart went up to hold the python while Lincoln screamed, "No, Maddy, Noooo!"
Too cute, she's doing all the work while he tells her what to do!

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