Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Need A Day...

I work really hard everyday of the week as a teacher, advisor, friend, mother, and wife, so is it wrong for me to want just one day for myself?

On vacation for 10 days and what have I done for the past 3 days? Um, grocery shopped, picked out clothes for the kiddies, gone to the cleaners, cooked, washed clothes...exciting right?

What do I have planned? Switching over our winter clothes to spring, get my hair done, enter report card grades, spend a day taking of grandma.... And for fun? Taking kids to see Rio, the NY Hall of Science, and the Intrepid.

What do I really want? Just one day for myself, to do whatever I want even if that means absolutely nothing without feeling guilty or obligated to do something for anybody else.

Can I have that?

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cuzzo said...

let me know when you find it cuz i want a piece of that action.....i keep saying i am gonna plan a weekend away to escape but something is always going on so i haven't had a chance to yet :-(

Chocolate Mom aka Blupoetres said...

@Cuz - The jobs of moms is always ON!!