Monday, June 13, 2011

Surgeon Says: IT'S GOOD!!

Finally had my surgery on June 2nd to remove 2 recurring sebaceous cyst that were in my groin area. Because they were inflamed the removal could not be done in the doctor's office and it had to be done as an outpatient in the hospital.

I had to be put under anesthesia and the whole bit. Unfortunately, when the surgeon cut me open for the first cyst, it turned out to be much larger than anticipated. He said that the 2 cysts coexisted on the same track near my bikini line so he had to make a 6 inch incision to get them both. They used surgical glue to close the incision and sent me home.

For the past 9 days, I've called my poor surgeon about a dozen times worried that my lady parts would never look the same again. He kept assuring me that they were fine and that he would see me at my appointment (Today).

Well, after rocking hubby's boxer's all week and have Mother Nature spit in my face by giving me my period and forcing me back into regular undies (so painful can't even tell you), I finally got to see the surgeon today.

He laughed after he looked everything over. I'm thinking, "Oh, lawd! What now?!" His response to the fear all over my face?

"The way you kept calling me, you had me second guessing my surgical skills. It's good!! You're healing nicely, and I tried really hard to keep the cut away from your actually bikini line so that later the scar won't be noticeable!"

WHEW!! But my response was this: "Ok, that's fine that surgically it looks good, but we're talking about my lady parts, and right now she looks like a she went 10 rounds with Freddy Kruger!"

He got a good laugh out of that one and reassured me that in a few weeks everything would start looking back to normal.

Double WHEW!!!

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Tracita Linda (Tracey) said...

Wow! Believe this craziness or not, but I had a dream that I met you in real life last night (I came by to tell you). You were loading up your kids on the yellow bus outside of the school but were so happy to see me. I'm glad the surgery went well, will be praying for a speedy recovery.
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