Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's Your App Addiction?

Mine is Bubble Shooter! Love it like crack! Lol

I can't help popping those stupid colored bubbles!

So, what's your app of pleasure?

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Jen said...

Facebook, Weight Watchers Point Tracker, Baby Connect (tracks feedings, diapers, sleep, etc), Pandora Radio, Wikipedia, AccuWeather...just to name a few.

I am a complete iPhone addict!!! ;)

Chocolate Mom aka Blupoetres said...


I'm not alone!!!

The Hip-Hop Dad said...

Angry Birds and Twidroyd(twitter app) Android all the way!

Anonymous said...

The only one that I have to have is Words With Friends. I'm soooooooo addicted to that game. I think I have 40 games going at once!

Chocolate Mom aka Blupoetres said...

@mrstdj - what's your id? I love that game too!!! we can play!!!