Monday, August 29, 2011

Who Wishes They Were This Baby?

Is this not the happiest photo of Beyonce' you've ever seen? How lucky will this baby be?
My aunt and I are taking bets that before this baby is born there will be a baby clothing line out named after the baby itself will be an incorporation of mass proportions!!
Companies will be saying "Jayden Smith who??"

The best baby announcement ever!!!!

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YUMMommy said...

I agree this baby is going to be spoiled before it leaves the womb. And talk about the money that is going to be thrown at them for baby pics. Forget Brad and Angelina, I'm betting Bey and Jay will probably get offered upwards of over $5M for their baby pics. However, I think they'll pull a Victoria and David Beckman and just share the first pic for free with fans via Twitter or their personal websites.

Bey used to be very private but over the years she's really opened up more about her personal life and marriage with Jay. And I think having a baby is going to further help her to open up more. I'm excited for them. Babies are a blessing and cause for celebration.