Saturday, August 27, 2011

Natural Hair Sorority???

Has anyone else heard about this: Pi Nappa Kappa Sorority?

I think it's a cute idea for a t-shirt or some bumper stickers, but I'm not sure what how I feel about the actual creation of a sorority for it speaking as a member of a sorority.



Rae @ Rainbows and Dragonflies said...

Like you said it's a cute idea for a t-shirt or something but not as a real sorority. What's the point? What happens if you decide that you don't want to be natural anymore? Are you kicked out?

Thought's Daughter said...

I signed up... LOL I'm just consumed by what they're all gonna do for this.... I got an email the other day referring to me as "Soror" - so I guess I'm in!!! LOL