Thursday, December 15, 2011

Maddy Story #49: Hair + Arms = You Did What?!

Three weeks ago I went to shower and shave but noticed my razor was all gunky with hair and deodorant and shaving gel. I'm thinking that there's no why I left it like that but maybe in a rush I forgot. Hm?

Then a week later my electric razor is broken and full of hair. Hm?

I put 2 and 2 together and have a few choice words with Miss Maddy about the dangers of using a razor at 11 years old an that razors must wait until she's in high school. I tell if I catch her using my stuff again there will be serious consequences.

Fast forward to tonight!

I'm putting Link's folded clothes away in his dresser and my foot kicks something by his rocking chair. What is it, you ask? Well, this child of mine decided to hide a razor on the floor of her brother's room! Where he could find it! Where I kicked it with my bare foot! Did I mention where Link could find it?!

After I lost it and grounded her for Friday night's fun, Hubby jumped in with the rational question of "What exactly are you shaving?"

Are you ready for this?



Because they have TINY HAIRS on them and ALL her friends shave theirs!!

I'm so not looking forward to the teen years!


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LeonX said...

As someone with a fifteen year old nephew trust me, you're not.

Anonymous said...

At first I felt sorry for her. I was a VERY hairy child and my mom never taught me about shaving. Trust, I had a LOT to shave at 11.

But arms????? Maddy, I can't help you with that one. That is pure silliness.

I'd make her buy me another electric razor with her allowance.

*sigh* Is this what I have to look forward to????????