Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reason Why I Teach #28: A Thank You Goes A Long Way

After much delay, I finally finished one of the students in my program's college recommendation letter, and gave it to him in school today.  When I tell you that this was the longest recommendation letter that I have ever written, I had to stop myself when I hit page 3!  Plus I teared up several times writing it. I'm such a mush, I know!

Well, I received the following email from this student a few moments ago, and it just made my night!!
Thank you so much for the college recommendation, I loved it so much !  It put a HUGEEEEEE smile on my face and it's great to know that all the little things I do are recognized, also on the other hand I never even realized that I even do HALF of those things, THANK YOU SO MUCH.  Now to send them away, and get accepted! COLLEGE HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

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