Sunday, February 26, 2012

Please Stop Mean Mugging in Church

All service long this woman kept turning around to mean mug my family. Link made the occasional "pshhh pshhh" sound as he played with his little toy cars but that was it.

Any time we end up behind or near this particular woman whether the kids are loud, quiet, or even non-present at children's church, this same woman mean mugs us and I don't get it.

She barely cracks a smile even when we are instructed by Apostle or Pastor to "offer sisters love with the love of Jesus".

I make it a point to smile at her but it doesn't matter. She smiles at other church goers but today it seemed she made way too many over the shoulder glares in our direction.

It's church after all and I will just continue smiling at her and hope next Sunday not to be seated anywhere near her.

Am I wrong?

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