Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scariest Toddler Moment?

Imagine waking up 4 in the morning to this:

Somehow Link snuck in our bed in the middle of the night. I look over at hubby's pillow and notice two dark spots on his pillow at 4am in the dark.
As I turn the light on, Link turns his head to me in his sleep and there is blood everywhere!

I panic! I snatch him up in my lap and grab tissues from the headboard to try to find the source of all the blood.

When I tell you I almost fainted from fear it would be a gross understatement! I broke into a full body sweat, my stomach was doing belly flips, and my arms were tingling. I woke up out of my sleep and my first reaction was that someone had killed him. There was just do much blood and he remained asleep the entire time I tried cleaning him up.

There was blood all over his face, hands, sleeves, the pillow, the sheets, and the remote control looked as if he'd been beaten with it. I'd never been so scared. Plus, it wasn't helping that hubby was at work not picking up his phone.

Turns out it was the worst nosebleed in the history of nosebleeds! And it seemed to last forever. He had one last year and it was minuscule in comparison. He had another one in his sleep last night that was also tiny. I have to lower the thermostat at night since the weather is warming up.

Has your toddler ever given you a near heart attack! Share your story.

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