Saturday, March 24, 2012

No More Pineappling For Me - Thanks Naptural85!!!

After get cracked on repeatedly by hubby for going to sleep with this Marge Simpson type pineapple sleeping apparatus on my head, I had to find a better sleep solution.

And find it I did!

Naptural85 has a gabillion videos for naturalistas on YouTube like this one:

I now follow her routine once a week, usually on Sunday nights and I've been loving my pretty perfect curls ever since!

I simply co-wash my hair after it's been sectioned and twisted. I'm no longer losing a ton of hair in the detangling process, and my curls are practically perfect corkscrews when I'm done.

I put them into about 8 big twists, throw some leave-in, add EcoStyler, stretch out each twist and then retwist for the night with a shower cap and my headtie.

In the morning I just untwist and Voila!! After that I follow Naptural85's advice and just spritz, shower cap, and satin scarf it for the next few days and my curls maintain. No more frizzy mess on top by the 3rd day, just beautiful curls.

Then when the weekend hits I double a head band and rock my high pony. Three weeks and I can't wait for it to warm up so I can do a real wash-n-go!!

Yay, Spring!

Don't forget to search for Naptural85 on YouTube or check out her blog Naptural85, you will not be sorry and your hair will thank you for it!!  She is a natural hair Goddess!!!

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