Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Do You Do When Your Child Tells You: "I HATE YOU!"?

Ever been there?

Not a teenager, a pre-teen, 12 years old.

What do you do when nothing you do is good enough for your child?

What do you do when that child tells everyone "they live a life a sorrow" and "no one loves me"?

Honestly.  What do you do when therapy doesn't work? Neither does church, or family, or friends.

What if you've tried everything: Time out, spanking, reward system, allowance, grounding?

What if you've tried all those things and you still get met with lies, stealing, sneaking, anger, moodiness, and unwillingness?



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cuzzo nikki said...

Oh dear. There is more going on that maybe you haven't reached yet. Keep trying to find that action/word/reward/etc that will get you what you need. I always tell folks each child is different and what worked for you as a kid or what works for a certain child will not work for others....never give up because i hear parents say i have had it and i think to myself wtf. I am blessed that my teenager never said anything like that to me and speaks openly (sometimes a bit too much) to me but we fostered that relationship and how we operate works for us....some folks may not understand it but I treat him with respect and we speak openly but at times i have to remind him hey i'm not your homeboy so don't cross that line....I am going to pray for you guys.