Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Paging Dr. Linky...Paging Dr. Linky

We just finished running some errands and are in the car on our way home.  This is the conversation that I had the pleasure of overhearing:

Link:  Maddy are you ok?

Maddy (monotone): Yes, Link I'm fine

Link: Are you sure?  You sound sad or mad, which are you?

Maddy (still monotone): I'm fine.

Link: But you're really not because when you're angry or sad you talk slow and low, and when you're happy and excited you talk loud and fast.  You're not loud and fast, so you're sad.

At this point she's thinking about it and I'm giggling in the front seat because he's dead on!!  As it dawns on her how right her 3 year old brother is she starts laughing.

Link:  See, now you are happy Maddy, right Mommy?  Maddy's happy now!

Me: (cheesing from ear to ear): Yes, Link, I do believe Maddy is happy now!

From the mouths of babes!!!

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