Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wait...Do You Hear That? The Sound of 2 Weeks With No Kids!

First, as parents we all love our kids, right?  I'm no exception.  However, when my mom offered to take them for a few weeks, it took all of a nanosecond to book my flight to bring them to FL for the visit.  I just spent a fun, not-so relaxed week with her and the kids visiting family, shopping, and doing Universal Studios! (all with my gimpy foot too!!)

I just got home a few hours ago, went right over to the doctor's office to remove the stitches, and now as I sit in my house it's quiet, really, really quiet for the first time in months!!

I have 2 weeks to myself and my dance card is filling up quite quickly!!  NY Restaurant Week Lunch tomorrow, movies Friday, BBQ Saturday, poetry reading next week, etc., etc, etc.!

Some real mommytime for the first time since mom moved to Florida a year ago!


Here are some pics from FL:
On the plane and ready to go!!

They had a lot of fun in the pool, I did a lot of sweating in the shade

Got to be pushed in wheelchair all day by Maddy at Universal

The new Minion ride was an hour and a half wait...Linky slept through it

Got to dance with the Minions 

Feeling my Twist-Out

More pool time with Nana

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Alicia said...

I love my son, but, from one mother to the next... enjoy every SECOND of it.