Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dear LIPA: You SUCK! My Power-less Rant on Facebook

October 29 via mobile
Heard a loud pop and then DARKNESS!!

October 30 via mobile
We're safe! Thank you everyone that tried to reach us during the storm. My messages are now coming through. No power. Power lines down in neighbors backyard. LIPA can't restore power until they address the power lines.

Sitting in the car with my Linkster while rest of house sleeps.

Praying for recovery for all in Sandy's path.

October 31
Thank God for great friends XX and XX for opening their home for Link and I to get a hot shower and some heat on this our Day 3 of no power. Feeling blessed and clean and warm!

October 31
As for an update, I still have no power LIPA is saying it could be up to 10 days. Cell phone cannot make or receive phone calls, texting only works in spurts. Those that have called I appreciate the calls, and have tried to respond via text. If you left messages I am only now receiving them at my friends house.

No work or school for me or the kids as much of our town is still without power. I will try to keep everyone posted as best I can. Praying for everyone as we all try to recover.

October 31
Thank you Lord for our fireplace tonight for a little warmth!

November 1 via mobile
Day 4. Last night was pretty cold but I hunkered down with Link under a ton of blankets to stay warm.

Today we start the task of seeing what can be saved out of the freezer. The fridge was emptied yesterday.

November 2 via mobile
Gas station on Hempstead and Jerusalem just opened. The line is 6 blocks long. We have cops and the army directing. I asked an officer and the wait is approximately 3 hours!

November 2 via mobile
Day 5 of no power:

Getting an early start this morning. First hunt for gas and
wood. Then food and for the first time since college, off to the laundromat.

Feels like 40 degrees in the house. Brrrrrrrr!

November 2 via mobile
Power came on for all of 10 minutes. That gave me just enough time to boil a pot of water and throw the heat on to take the chill out the house.

I'll take it!!

Thank you Lord for small blessings!!

And a special THANK YOU shout out to our neighbors for helping us secure a generator!!!

November 2 via mobile
Gas station on XX and XX just opened. The line is 6 blocks long. We have cops and the army directing. I asked an officer and the wait is approximately 3 hours!

November 3 via mobile
End of Day 6 without power and feeling utterly blessed to have family who have power. 2nd night of warmth. Praying for those without. Power is no big deal but not having heat for your family is, and I pray that everyone can find a little warmth tonight.

November 4 via mobile
Day 7 no power. Woke up at 5:45 to scour for gas. Found a 3 block line at the Valero Gas station on Grand Avenue and Milburn in Baldwin.

Lord cover me as a sit and wait for gas this morning.

November 4 via mobile
Ladies car in front of me stalled. She has gas but car won't start. So in order to keep the line moving and get gas I have to push her along.

Honda don't fail me now!!

November 4
Thank you Lord! Almost 2 hours later and I am still GRATEFUL!!!!

November 4 via mobile
Back at my powerless home. Doing my best to warm things up before hubby comes home with the kiddies for bed.

Back to work and school tomorrow. My poor Link now has a cold on top of everything else. Praying that it won't get any worse overnight.

Spoke to a human being at LIPA today, and we will possibly be without power till Wednesday due to high voltage lines down on our power grid. Out of the 2000 homes on our grid, we are among 74 in this situation.

Prayers. Prayers. Prayers.

November 4 via mobile
Missing my TV tonight for real!!

No Black Girls Rock
No Walking Dead
No Housewives of Atlanta

November 5 near New York via mobile
Day 8 No power

Woke up at 1am and the 4am to keep the fire burning. Slept in my sweater and was lucky that I still had Link's toddler Bundle Me to slip him in to sleep. Have an extension cord running to neighbors house and was able to plug in our space heater for Maddy and Link.

Going in to work for first time in a week. Lets see how it goes!

November 5 via mobile
Thank you Jesus!!! Our next door neighbor not only donated gas for our generator but he "jumped" our boiler so that for the next few hours we have hot water for showers and heat in the house!!

God is oh so very GOOD!!!

November 6 via mobile
Day 9 still no power. Tired and cold but I still voted!

People beware:
My polling site tried to pull the okey doke on me by telling me I was at the wrong polling site. After going back and forth to different elementary schools, I finally was told what to show the people at my site. When I got back there (Stephen Korpezhek Elementary School) the same rude and belligerent man tried to tell me again that I was wrong! This time I snatched the master list and shut his ass up showing him that I was in fact in the right place!

I just got off the phone with the Nassau Board of Elections and filed my complaint!!

Don't let ignorant fools deter you from your higher plan!!

November 6 via mobile
Running generator to heat house before kids get home from school while I tend the fire. Just got to reach 65 degrees, then we do it again before bedtime!

November 7 via mobile
Day 10 of no power.

Today we are having a Nor'easter. I pray that everyone stays safe and warm.

I am blessed to have a husband who will be driving to CT or NJ this morning to secure us gas cans and gas so that we can keep our generator running for heat and hot water. Thank you Lord for such a selfless husband.

November 7 via mobile
Feeling all kinds of love right now!
Thank you to the xx (former students) family for donating a car trunk full of wood! Thank you to the Toremator for getting us a 5 gallon can full of gas from upstate! Thank you to Link's daycare for donating a pot to use on the fireplace since its too cold and snowing to use the grill outside!

And thank you thank you thank you to my husband who filled our generator and then woke up out of his sleep to turn it on so that the house would be warm for us when we got home - and for coming up with the idea to use sternos to heat food!!! Why didn't I think of that?!?!

Thank you Lord for allowing me to have such amazingly caring people in my life!! Be grateful for what you have, not what you don't!

November 8 via mobile
Day 11 still no power.

Looked outside to see it's still snowing, and nothing has been plowed or salted. Temp outside is 34 degrees. I just can't.

November 8 via mobile
Just got the call from Maddy's school district due to the excessive snow more power lines came down last night and they are closing the schools.

Sigh. Trying very very hard to stay positive about all this.

November 9 via mobile
Day 12 of no power.

Rumors have now taken over where LIPA is concerned. You can't get a human being on the phone to save your life. Some people are saying power won't be back til thanksgiving. Others say in 3 months. Who knows the real answer? LIPA!

I know what I now appreciate and take for granted. If there was a lesson to learn, I think many have learned by now. What more can be gained from all of this? Who is being held accountable for all of this? What about all the children in the cold? What about all the elderly? What about all the sick that rely on power for their machines or medications?

I am grateful for my family, my health and my home, I just really want the power back on! And the idea of another month, week, day, minute, or second is just too much for so many.

Saturday  via mobile
Day 13 of no power.

God doesn't put anything on us that we can't handle, right? Well, at 11:30 last night Coffee decided to throw up profusely all over the living room. After clean up it took an hour to get a live vet on the phone. Long story short after a possible cat bite and antibiotics earlier this week, I have to bring her in first thing this morning to get checked.

Never a dull moment.

Saturday via mobile
Lipa is finally here! They are in the house behind neighbor. Spoke to one of the surveyors and he has absolutely no ide, he looked lost and confused by my questions but at least they're finally here looking.

Saturday via mobile
Anyone watching on News12 the CEO and COO of LIPA making promises that "power will be restored by Tuesday to all residents able to receive power".


Sunday  via mobile
Day 14 of no power.

It's officially been 2 weeks of us having no power.

What else can I say?

I'm going to church!

Sunday via mobile
Night of Day 14 and power has been restored! (Not by LIPA!!)

Thank you to every single person that offered prayers, their home, encouragement, showers, heat, and love. This was definitely one of those times where I was grateful for the friends and family I have on FB.

I thank you Lord for all you have done for us and by us!!!

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