Saturday, February 9, 2013

No Hurt Feelings

Link just woke up from a nap and came directly to my room where I scooped him up to cuddle.

Link: can I go play now?
Me: but don't you want to cuddle with mommy for a lil bit
Link: I do but I don't.
I proceed to tickle him.
Link: Mommy can you please stop tickling me, I really want to go play.
Me: oh, alright. Make sure you put your slippers on.
Link: sure.
He's gone no more than 30 seconds when I hear him running back to the room.
Link: I changed my mind. I will cuddle with you for a lil bit.
Me: But I thought you wanted to okay?
Link: I do but I'd rather not hurt your feelings more because I love you!

I kissed him a million times and told him it was okay to go a d play!

I love Saturday afternoons with the Linkster!!!

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