Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hair Washing Lesson Via Text

So my girl hits me up on text about one of my natural posts about co-washing and this is how it went:

Cat: Pheebs I was looking at ur blog. Read the one about the hair loss. What does co-wash mean?

Me: Washing your hair using conditioner only. I haven't used a shampoo in over a year it strips the hair and leaves it worse than with it. Or I use a hair cleanser.

Cat: Ohhhhh ok. We dont use shampoo either. Been a few years. But didnt know there was a term for that. Btw sometimes I lose a lot of hair...and I've been natural since 25! Esp lose more when I wear it curly.

Me: Me too!! The curliest I wear it the more I lose. I try to do a dry wash with a water bottle and my conditioner to detangle and sometimes that helps. Don't always have time to do that though.

Cat: I dont know the dry wash thing, you have to teach me.

Me: Before you want to wash your hair put your hair in about 4 sections. Take one section and saturate with water from a spray bottle. Add your conditioner to your scalp and work it through. Use a wide tooth comb or a big tooth brush and go from end to root. Takes time. When I do this I usually tie my head up and do a deep condition for a day of two. Then my hair is tangle free and super clean. Day like today would be perfect. If not you tie it up in a plastic cap with a sexy scarf over t and no one is the wiser. Lol

Cat: lol

There you have it - co-washing, set detangling, and deep conditioning 101!

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