Wednesday, March 12, 2008

First IVF cycle Appointment....

Day 3 of my period appointment at the Reproductive Specialists office (RS).
I arrived for my first Blood test (BT) and Ultrasound (US) at 6:25am, signed in at 6:30.
It's 6:45 and no one has been called yet. How am I going to get to work on time? (High School teacher)
6:50 myself and 6 other women get called into the inner waiting room where there are 4 women standing in the phlebotomy line for blood work. We 7 sit and wait.
6:52 I'm called to confirm IVF cycle and told to stand in the blood line. Will I get the order for BCPs? I pray to God so. It's time for my blessing, "LET THE PRAISE BEGIN!!" =)
6:55 the phlebotomist got the blood on the first try, YAY!
6:56 Called in for the intravaginal ultrasound. Why did I start crying the minute I walked in the room? The nurse said, "Bottoms off, gown at the waist". Seriously, I stood frozen. Even though I knew what was to happen I panicked.
Me: "Um, excuse me, silly question, but my period is really heavy?"
Her: "It's ok, we know, day 3 period right?"
I nodded and did as I was told. I had to keep saying to myself: "I'm ready for my blessing-LET THE PRAISE BEGIN!" over and over. (At least until my BFFL writes my IVF Motivation Song...long story short, last night I just couldn't get excited over the whole IVF process because there are no guarantees and I'm a realist and I was complaining to BFFL that DH wanted me to not stress and be hopeful. So BFFL said that she was going to write me an inspiration song to get me hype every time I have to go to the office. Her instructions were that as soon as she does it, I must sing it or at least hum it to myself to bring myself some "Baby Hope"! I bawled)
Back to my appointment...
Now it's 7:15, and I'm back in the inner waiting room to meet with my RS, BCPs?? I hope so! Never going to make my first period class.
When I sit down with the RS she explained that she was going to prescribe my BCPs (YAY!) and order my hormone medication (Lupron, etc...when I get them in the mail, I'll update on all the names. She also told me more about the possibility of another Ectopic despite the IVF, she stated that her stats are very low and to leave the worrying to her. That I need to keep thinking positive and she would handle the rest. She scheduled me for a few more appointments...saline sonogram and follow-up blood test once I start BCPs.
Needless to say, I barely made it to my first period class, literally ran in 10 minutes before the bell rang to assign homework, you know my students were thrilled to see me!!

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