Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The longest day in history tomorrow!!

I have no idea how I'm going to manage tomorrow. My day starts off as usual at 5:30am, then I have to rush to the RE's office for my 6:30 BW and Sono, from there I hightail it to work, and guess what tomorrow is? Parent/Teacher conferences! Plus I will be staying afterschool for my meeting for upcoming Poetry night, get something to eat, and then wait for the parents to show up. Typically during the spring term there aren't that many parents that show up, we could get into the sad state of affairs of parenting another time.

**Sidebar: the damn dog just paid me back by coming over to sit next to me and farting like there's no tomorrow...EEEWWWW!! Pay back is most certainly a stank bitch!

Anyways, I'm feeling anxious to find out how many follicles the stims have created. I just read that one woman had 10 on one ovary and then 9 on the other at her first stim appointment, so I feel hopeful. I'm simply counting down the days now...I'm on day 3 of stims, and 4/9 will be day 10, where I'll hopefully take my HCG shot and it will be party on after that!

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