Monday, June 2, 2008

Don't Like My MFM...

...and DH says, "Not to worry about it". So here was my appointment last Thursday. My appointment with the MFM was for 2:45, I got there at 2:15. As soon as I walked in I had to use the bathroom (you know how it is, peeing every hour or more), then I sat. And sat, and sat some more. The office was packed with pregnant women and women with their new babies, and postpartum women, so I figure they're just busy. I ask the receptionist after 40 minutes go by, and of course she tells me, "oh, you're next". Right. At 3:15 I get called in by the nurse, who proceeds to take my blood pressure, but then is not sure if the doctor is going to examine me or not. She leaves me for another 10 minutes, only to tell me, the doctor is just going to talk to me this appointment. HUH?!?! Alright, I walk into the MFM's office next door, where she is looking over my files from the RE's clinic. She basically tells me:
  1. she will just be a consultant to my regular OB
  2. she recommended that I take the Integrated Test (I'll explain later)
  3. while I'm weaning off the Progesterone Suppositories, she wants me to go back to doing the Progesterone shots staring at 16 weeks (since my critical period was 24 weeks with DD)
  4. she's not concerned about the pre-term too much because she's confident that the shots will be enough
  5. and that I should just take it easy

THAT WAS IT?!?! No exam, no checking my cervix, no sonogram, no heartbeat, NADA??!! This was the appointment I'd been looking forward to for weeks. She seemed so cold and matter of fact, and I'm soooooooo glad that she'll just be a consultant. But on the other hand, she's the expert on my high risk and at risk status, and I felt she was too quick to pawn me off on my regular OB. Am I reading too much into this?

My appointment with my OB is tomorrow, I can't wait for him to hold my hand and walk me through every thing. Plus, I really really really miss my RE's office. They tried to warn us that things on "the outside" aren't the same. No more weekly sonograms and heart monitors to see how the baby is doing...I don't know what I'm going to do without those. I'm trying so hard not to be paranoid. Again, we'll see.

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Christine said...

I am so sorry your Perinatologist was like that - I wish you were in AZ - my group is awesome!!! and they never sent me back to the OB.

On the other hand, she might feel that you are not as high-risk and the is a plus!!!