Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What was not funny last night is hysterical this morning....

Let me first start off with last night's comedy routine, then I'll update you on this whole contractions business: Last night at around 7:30ish, our dog, Coffee (a boxer/lab mix), started whining to go outside, so I told DD to let her out. DD comes back and she says, "I saw something move outside and Coffee is going after it"...ok, no big deal, that's what doggies do. Then a few minutes later she goes to let Coffee back inside and the chaos ensues:
I jump out of bed in time to see something fat and gray go sprinting through my living room. Poor DH has only been asleep for an hour from working both jobs back to back, I scream, "HONEY, GET UP!! THE DAMN DOG BROUGHT A RAT IN THE HOUSE!! MADDY GO CLOSE EVERY DOOR!!! HONEY, HURRY!! I WILL NOT SLEEP IF THERE IS SOMETHING IN THIS HOUSE!!"
DH jumps out of bed, barking mad, shouting instructions for flashlights, lights, brooms. I'm stuffing towels under my bedroom door. Poor DD is freaking out, the dog is hunting in the living room going from one end of the sofa to the next. DH the takes apart the very heavy leather sectional, moves everything out of the way as Coffee tracks the critter. DD is standing next to me with a tiny dust broom in her hand, I'm like, "What do you really think you're going to do with that?" Anyway, finally after about 45 minutes, Coffee zones in on it, and starts pawing at it, almost as if playing tag. (Geez, this baby is tap dancing this morning!) Anyhoo, DH slowly moves some stuff out of the way, and then WHAM! WHAM! WHAM!! He swings with the broom but misses, and that when we find out: "IT'S BABY BUNNY!! COFFEE BROUGHT IN BABY BUNNY!!" Are you f***ing kidding me!! My DD has been following the life and times of Baby Bunny for weeks now, and here it is in our fricking living room causing panic and mass destruction. DH gingerly picks it up and deposits him outside in our front yard. And poor Coffee is looking at all three of us for the next hour like: "Why did you take away my toy??" But what a little heart attack that little bunny stirred up last night!!! LMAO...don't bunnies represent babies and birth??!!! Now that's frickin funny!!

Alright, now I can tell you about my appointment at OB1's office, too bad he wasn't there, but allegedly (according to the nurses and other patients) I was seen by the top doctor in his practice. A woman in her mid-fifties with a very nice bedside manner. After sitting in the waiting room for almost an hour for the sonogram, and having a contraction while waiting, they call me in. The sono-tech does an external exam first where we can see Slinky playing the bongos! Man you should have seen him go! I have yet to see him at rest, and of course this sono-tech (sorry had to jot down another contraction) said what they all say: Wow, you have such an active baby! What we both notice next is that my darling son is already in position with his head down on my cervix. Seriously?? At 19 weeks?? She said it's because this is my second baby and the body adjusts earlier for the baby's placement (really?) Next she does an internal sono to check my cervix, she says with the cerclage it has lengthened to 1.8 (Yay?) But that there is no dilation or effacing going on. After that, they bring in to check my urine - good, my blood pressure - great, and the doctor does a quick pelvic - great. Her advice: "All is well, your son is doing wonderfully, all your vital are perfect, the contractions your having aren't causing any trouble, so let's not worry about it...I want you to go back home, really commit to this bedrest b/c we don't want to put you in the hospital. If the contractions become consistent or don't stop after you switch positions, you experience back pain or severe abdominal cramping, then call us immediately...otherwise keep doing what you're doing - NOTHING!!" And with that they sent me home, crazy right? Now what I'm doing is charting all of my contractions and creating a time line, just in case...

***one of my fans just reminded me to add that I'm already on the progesterone shots once a week to stop early labor


Christine said...

what a night!!! the bunny would have scared the pee out of me.

dont worry about him being head down, they told me the same thing about Aedyn being head down this whole time.

i have been taking the hydroxprogesterone caporate (P17 shot) that is supposed to decrease significantly the chances of preterm labor.....maybe she can prescript this - it is once a wk and they have calmed my contractions for the last 20 wks.

continue!!! with the NOTHING! eventually, you will find things to do while laying in bed or lounging around the house.

Deserving Mom said...

oh yeah, i added that i am taking the weekly shots