Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I can't believe it!!

After taking all the precautiuons all summer long, staying in the bed, being bored to tears, begging friends and family to keep me company, I finally got the green light to go to work on restricted duty, but still it's work. It's out of the house for 5 days a week to feel normal again. But get this, the powers that be have the ability to deny my request to return to work despite my doctor's clearance. Crazy right? They can tell me, a pregnant woman on disability, that I cannot return to work. Now people are saying why would I want to return to work instead of take it easy, but really it's a matter of finance. I would like to be able to take the semester off after Slinky is born which is no pay what-so-ever, and to be out on disability this early with only 30% of my salary is terrifying to say the least. I just want to be able to secure some of my fall salary to save for next year's time off, but now that doesn't seem like a viable option. DH is trying to get me not to stress about it, and feels that no matter what, we'll make it work, but I do handle the bills and right now I just don't see it. As soon as the decision comes from on high I'll let you all know.

On a completely more pleasant note, Slinky has been extremely active, and before I wouldn't be able to sleep with movements, but now that he is so busy all day, by 10:30pm I'm knocked out. So I'm getting more sleep as he gets bigger and stronger. Plus at OB1's visit on Friday, I forgot to mention that I gained a whopping 5lbs in 2 weeks, doctor is pleased. Slinky has also moved up out of my pelvis and I can feel him above my belly button, which means my stomach is higher, which means we're back to heartburn. At least I'm sleeping more, right?

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Cody said...

Congratulations on the weight gain Ms. E!

Call me selfish (which you might xD) i'll be so sad if you don't get to be there for atleast first term. I don't think i'd make it a whole year without you. Anyways you'll have to do whatever is best for you though, no matter what!!

Hopefully see you friday!