Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Labor Day Weekend...

Not our typical run-to-Brookly-and-jam-down-for-carnival kind of weekend, but at least I got out everyday!! Poor DH worked doubles all weekend, so he pretty much just came home to eat and sleep to go right back out. Saturday was my mother's birthday (I got her gourmet tea of the month club - corny but she liked it) and I picked several restaurants that were local for her to chose and she finally settled on Olivium (hubby and I had gone earlier this year with Bffl and her boyfriend). The best part about dinner was that my mom likes to eat early so we got there around 4pm and when we got there we had the entire restaurant to ourselves. Being that Slinky is taking over my expanding waistline, I had to pee literally every 40 minutes, which came to 3x during dinner. Then since we took the wheelchair with us, mom wanted to go to Bloomies for a spell, and this time my aunt and daughter fought over pushing me. Fun stuff, I know. Lastly, we ran over to Michael's to get me some new yarn, why? BECAUSE I FINISHED THE BLANKET!! I forgot to take a picture before my mom took it to show my grandma and have a friend of hers make it a little more sturdy and refined. This time I bought a green speckled yarn that has flecks of red, blue, orange and yellow (sounds weird but it's really pretty), and I bought 3 5oz rolls to make a much bigger blanket. I figure the last one was a 4oz roll and half the roll my grandma gave me and it took me 3 weeks to finish. I'm a little faster now, and thanks to youtube.com I learned a really pretty stitch, but this one will probably take me a good month to finish if I concentrate solely on doing it.
Ok, back to the weekend: On Sunday, I arranged for a nice surprise for my daughter, one of my students that just graduated that my daughter absolutely loves came over with her mom. My cousin then offered to take DD to a Back-to-school event at her church (which ended up lasting from 3pm-11pm). My aunt came over via the LIRR and then the 3 of us (mom, auntie, me) went over to the very lame craft fair at Eisenhower Park. Seriously, there were maybe 15 booths, of which 7 were jewelry. My mom got a really cool *blank*, I can't say in case that person reads this. But it is AWESOME!! Then we went over to a bakery that I didn't realize was right by my house and my aunt went crazy over some canoli. I haven't laughed that hard since the Red Lobster incident. I never realized how much of a pastry buff she is. After that, just relaxed until DD came home to get to bed.
Lastly, yesterday, my mom calls and says she's coming to pick up DD and go over to my aunt's for a small bbq, I quickly cried, "You can't leave me here! I want to go! I can sit on her recliner there too!" She came and just as we were leaving, DH woke up and promised to meet us over there b/c he likes to bond with my uncle. We had a nice quiet bbq and I had steak!! Yeah! I was dying for some, so Slinky was very happy. So happy that my mom got to feel him for the first time, she doesn't get very excited about those kind of things. You know, old fashioned, "I'll be able to see and feel him when he gets here" kind of attitude. Then it was back home in time for showers, The Closer and Jon & Kate Plus 8.

**Sidebar - both my hips have got to be expanding because 2 mornings in a row I've woken up to excrutiating hip pain - Ouch!


Jen said...

Sounds like a really fun weekend! I can't even imagine running around that much now with the baby...guess things will eventually get back to normal some day, huh? :-)
~Jen (MrsWog)

Steve and Roxy said...

What a fun weekend! Im glad you were able to get out! I love the shirt! Hey YouTube... not a bad idea while on bed rest! I'll have to remember that!