Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I'm currently guzzling a ton of water and switching from my left to my right side. Yesterday at 6something, I told DH to feel Slinky, it felt like his whole little body was shoved against my skin, it was hard and tight. This happened 2 more times before I turned to DH and said, "I don't think it was the baby, those were contractions...I remember making the same mistake with (daughter)". He looked like he wanted to freak, but instead said, "So, now what?" I told him that as long as I change position, they stop. And maybe if I drink alot and eat something they'll go away. They did...until about 9:30, this time there were 2, so I called OB1's Emergency hotline. His associate that was with me in the hospital called back and told me to keep doing what I was doing, but if they kept up through the night to go to the ER - YIKES!! Luckily, there were only 2 that I know of that happened at night and they were hours apart. Now however, I've had 2 more, about 40 minutes apart and am currently waiting for the doctor's office to call me back. Plus I had a major BM, which usually is another sign, and I'm doing my best not to freak. My mom is about to lose her mind, b/c I told her to finish preparing for her trip rather than come here...I mean, she leaves in less than 24 hours, and DH is closer than she is, you know? OK, let me try calling again...stay tuned....

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