Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy Day!

Let's see...this morning starting at 9am, I spent most of the morning doing the following:
  • called manager at Medical office to complain - Got no where
  • left message for Deputy director at medical office - awaiting call back
  • left message for liason for medical office & union - awaiting call back
  • contacted the EEOC, was directed to their website to fill out a preliminary form to file a complaint of discrimination - filled it out and put it in the mail
  • wrote a letter to the president of the union, Randi Weingarten - put in the mail
  • spoke to my AP gave her the bad news - she misses me!! I miss her too!!
  • Got a call from my APO, discussed our equal frustration - waiting for her to discuss options with principal
  • spoke to Queens union rep, informed that once you're deemed unfit to work, I will have to have another appointment with the DOE medical office in order to return to work, even though the end result, BABY, is obvious!!
  • spoke with another member of the union to discuss my complaint - awaiting her to find out any options and call me back

All of this I done by 1pm this afternoon. Then it was shower, eat, wait for DD to get off the school bus to rush to the doctor's office. There were 3 accidents on the main road, the trip that normally takes me 16 minutes took 35 minutes. I'm currently up one pound to 159, not quite 160 yet. Whew! My cervix is still holding at 2.9. The baby now weighs approximately 1 lb 10 oz - WOw! Glucose test came back fine and my breast sonogram came back clear, doctor feels the pain will go away once my milk comes in. We are doing well!!

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Cody!! said...

Congratulations on all being well Ms. E. I'm immensely sad that you won't be returing my senior year, it's a little unfair if you ask me, not mention Ms. LaRegina is leaving too!!! And Ms. Kierez, soo many pregnancies. Anyway, I hope all continues to go well and i'll be in touch. Me and Amanda are both devastated and will most definitely do something special for our favorite teacher!!!