Friday, September 26, 2008

Light headed Anyone?

I think I'm at that point in the pregnancy, just a week and a half shy of starting the third trimest, where baby must be growing quickly. I get these moments where I'm doing absolutely nothing but lying in bed and my heart starts racing. If I do simple regular tasks like taking a shower I wind up so out of breath. So hubby informed me, like I didn't know but I was impressed that he did, that the baby was growing at a faster rate now which required more of my blood supply and that the baby was higher so he would be pushing on my air supply. He ended it with, "I think I read that somewhere". Isn't that sweet?! After I've told Maddy a million times that she could start reading to my belly, it wasn't until the doctor told her at my last appointment that the baby can hear her now so she should read to him, and when he comes out he'll turn to her when he hears her voice. Now every night she rushes to read to the belly before daddy falls off to sleep (gotta keep things quiet if he's trying to sleep with me still up in the same bed, you know?) What has become quite comical, and I'm not sure it's my imagination, but I swear the baby gets a kick out of his snoring! Every time he snores baby starts to move around, it's hysterical. Let daddy try to put his hands on the belly, nothing! But let him snore for 2 minutes and it's fiesta time!!


cuz nikki said...

i promise i will have all the stuff (pump,bag, storage stuff, extra stuff) when I come for the baby shower.

Finally under the 100 day mark so it is fast approaching.

Meanwhile the twins are walking all over the place. It seems just yesterday I had them.....time flies

Christine said...

he is growing!!! 3 months to go, 90 days - do you think he will be here before or after Christmas?

wouldnt it be the best Christmas present if he is born on Christmas?

Deserving Mom said...

If I had to guess, I'd say he's going to arrive sometime after Thanksgiving but before Christmas LOL

Steph and Dusty said...

I am starting IVF soon and was inspired by your blog. I just found it online today and read the whole thing. You are a very strong person and thank you for all your postings as I think they give a very honest and detailed account of your experience which will help the rest of us who are just starting the journey. Thank you so much!!!!

Deserving Mom said...

Hey steph and dusty,
Congrats on starting your journey, can I be invited to view your blog?