Thursday, September 11, 2008

Football, Soccer, or Drums??

After last night I'm wondering which one of these things my son will be most interested in. LOL. He spent about 4 hours last night partying. It started at about 10:30 and lasted till almost 2am. The funny part now is that when he kicks or punches, if I push on my abdomen, he pushes back. It's kind of weird, almost as if he's playing with me. His hands and fingers feel like he's drumming his fingers on a desk, "I'm bored", you know? Also, prior to yesterday, I only felt him moving when I was lying down, but now I can feel him when I'm standing, sitting or walking. That's a new one. I hit 6 months - WHOO-FRICKEN-HOOO!! Another milestone month. I go to OB1 tomorrow for my cervical length, I'm a little concerned because I'm getting the BH (braxton hicks contractions) almost every hour now, but still only maybe 2-3 an hour. Docs won't be concerned until 4 or more an hour. So, who knows. Plus tomorrow I get the script for the Glucose test - YUCK!! I am so not looking forward to that. Drinking that nasty sugar solution and trying to keep it in for an hour, ILL! Whoa, you would think Slinky would be asleep right now, but he is kicking away! You'd think I had that sugar solution already, lol. I'll let you know how the appointment goes tomorrow.

***Work update: I finally got an appointment with the Medical Bureau, and I need to find out what that entails. If it's an examination by an OB/GYN, I don't think my OB1 will approve any intervaginal examination, since they avoid unnecessary aggravation to my cervix and uterus. I only got the phone call to let me know about it yesterday, and have to wait for the "official" paperwork in the mail. But I plan to call to find out what happens at the appointment.

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