Monday, September 8, 2008

Longest Photo Shoot Award Goes To...

ME!!! Saturday was the maternity and family pre-photo shoot that I've been waiting for. It was my anniversary gift from DH. The photographer (who just happens to be a good friend - lucky us to have a good friend that's a professional photograper) showed up at almost exactly noon and brought in his traveling studio to our house. We decided to do the maternity shots first which was fine with me, DH didn't care one way or the other, and surprisely gave absolutely no input whatsoever. Shocking! We got started shooting around 12:30 in the bedroom first, and took breaks here and there for me to use the bathroom or rest, but primarily most of the breaks came from the photographer trying to achieve perfect lighting. We had the brewing hurricane destroying any possibility for natural lighting coming in from outside. Not to mention, I'm really dark skinned. A lot of the shots that we tried, especially the ones with me on my back, didn't come out the way I would have liked because I ended up not looking pregnant - go figure! He figured I would have been bigger for 6 months, but turns out I'm pretty belly petite. At 3pm we called DH in to get a few shots alone with me, and do you know after doing 3 hours by myself, he had the nerve to complain after like 10 minutes - what a man! Then we took a break to eat some KFC - Yum! After that it was back to the shoot which we then brought to the living room and got Maddy. Of course she was thrilled it was finally her turn with mommy. We both thought this would be the easiest part of the shoot - SIKE! The one shot I really had to have was of her kissing mommy's belly which she does every single night before bed, but of course now that I want it in picture form she couldn't do it w/o smashing her face on my belly which kept cutting off her face. We eventually gave up after an hour and we did manage to get a few really beautiful mommy and daughter shots. After that we moved on to the entire family which was a joke, literally! Daddy and daughter were complete clowns and I will have the pictures to prove it. There are just a few of those that look like "the happy family" rather than the "crazy family", but at least they had fun. Even Coffee got it to the pictures, she started to feel left out and just started walking into shots right before the flash would go off. LOL. Lastly, we finished up with mommy and daddy which brought my long day to just a frustrating conclusion. Why? My hubby is clueless when it comes to taking serious photos, in most of the shots that were supposed to be "tender" he has this weird smirk on his face. The photographer was cracking up b/c no matter what pose he put my hubby in, he had the same expression on is face even with cues, hints, and help. Finally, the photographer said, "I think you've had enough", it was 7pm. Where did the time go? Almost 7 hours worth of picture taking, who would have thought it possible? James (photographer) kept apologizing for being a perfectionist but hey, I'd rather someone who takes his time to get things right, than have a bunch of sucky, ill-lit, sloppy photos. While I was absolutely mentally and emotionally exhausted (I did cry when I saw some of the shots instantly) I am so excited and can't wait for the 2nd half of the photo shoot when Slinky's here. Many of the shots are truly artistic in nature and I know that some old fashioned folks may not appreciate what I was doing, but I know they look positively beautiful. I look forward to sharing some of them when I get the final results.

***As for work, I'm really ready to just throw in the towel. My last day in my bank in tomorrow.

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Christine said...

I cant wait to see the pictures!!! 7 hours, we barely made it an hour and a half last week with little Aedyn and today, she couldnt take more than a half hour.....but she is the boss now :)

we didnt do any pregnancy photo's....well i did take some of my feet :) i will post those today on my blog :)