Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Maddy's First Day of 3rd Grade

My lovely 8 year old was up before the alarm clock went off this morning (could have to do with Nana coming at 6am to drop off dinner for this evening). I had to tell her to go back to bed until her alarm went off at 7:45. We spent yesterday packing all of her class supplies and her bookbag. This morning it was just a matter of packing her lunch and making sure she looked decent. She picked out a red & white polo dress to "show her school spirit", of course I made sure she had a pair of shorts underneath b/c like most little girls she likes to twirl (I told her just because she has the shorts to try to refrain from the super twirl she's famous for). She was all set to go at 8:40 and I planned to walk her to the corner for the bus (one house down) for the 8:51 pickup. Luckily our neighbor came out the same time we did and offered to walk her with his son and daughter. Whew, I mean it's not a long walk but still, in the mornings my hips are adjusting to the sleep stretching. Now I'm all alone for the whole day and I want to do a bunch of stuff I'm not supposed to since I have no one to tattle on me *hee hee hee*. I don't know, I'll see what shinanigans I can get in to a little later. Right now I want to work on the new blanket, I seemed to have messed up the stitch somehow and can't figure out what I did wrong. No one can tell I messed up, it just looks like a new design, but it's not the design I wanted. That's my top priority.

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